Starting a new website with WP…

Hello there, and welcome to my first post!

This website will be my toolbox containing tools, tips and tricks about web development, my story and all the troubles of a web developer who starts becoming a very angry developer…..

I’m really sorry to present it as a WordPress blog, but I didn’t have any time to work on a new application written in J2EE or Zend Framework…

I hope that you will like it anyway, as I’m going to work hard on it and on it’s template (which is the WordPress default theme at the time I’m writing this post).

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5 Responses to Starting a new website with WP…

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  2. moocr says:

    Just work hard with your blog, life is beautiful!

  3. Sergio says:

    Ciao :),
    buona fortuna con il tuo blog,
    passo a trovarti qualche volta!


  4. zahid says:

    Please tell me why have you decided to use WordPress.
    Can I use WordPress for a big site?
    Just needed your expert opinion.

    • ocramius says:

      I use WordPress because it is simple and quick. No other real reason. I really hate its source base and I would not use it if it wasn’t the best tool for the job. After all, a blog doesn’t need more.

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